Automatic Lift Soak Tank

An automatic lift tank is ideal for assisting your staff to clean large quantities of heavy items like cast iron equipment.  As suggested in the name, the tank has a motorised lifting mechanism that lifts the internal basket above the liquid line making light work of loading and unloading the tank.  This is especially handy for venues that have a large amount of heavy equipment or where lifting is a health concern.

large soak tanks australia

Our HACCP accredited automatic lift tanks have been constructed from high-grade stainless-steel components and heavy-duty equipment. Rest assured you have the best in quality systems with Oz-Tank

Oz Tank soak tanks efficiently and quickly remove grease, oil and built-up carbon on pots, pans, grills, vents and so much more.  They are the perfect non-toxic commercial cleaning solution for the hospitality industry and are being used in over 2,800 kitchens, bakeries, hotels and food outlets across Australia. In excess of 30,000 tanks are being used worldwide.

australian made soaking tank

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