We are the original commercial soak tank and decarbonisation cleaning specialists.

Our soak tanks are the perfect cleaning solution for the hospitality industry. Our pioneering system safely removes fat, oil and grease (black carbon) from all your cooking and baking equipment. To date over 30,000 tanks are being used worldwide.

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Our Soak Tank Range

Our ethos is not to sell products but to supply cleanliness.

Oz Tank’s stainless steel, double skinned soak tank system will save on the cost of labour, costly chemicals, water and electricity. The continued use of cooking equipment without regular and thorough cleansing causes fat build up which soon turns into a carbon like crust becoming so hard that it is almost impossible to remove. The Oz Tank soak system solves this problem quickly, efficiently and without harming the environment.

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Quickly remove carbon build up 

Oz Tank are made from a specially designed stainless steel, double skinned soak tank with a thermostatically controlled heating element. Oz-tank cleans difficult greasy, grimy items like extraction filters, oven grids, grates, gas rings, deep fry baskets, saving  on staff labour and increasing the longevity of kitchen equipment.

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Eco-friendly Commercial Cleaners and Sanitisers

non toxic commercial cleaning products

Browse our range of environmentally friendly and food safe commercial cleaning products, disinfectants and sanitisers. Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and dining areas. Enzyme formulated plant extracts they safely eliminate a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, virus’ and pathogens yet are strong enough to remove fat, oil, grease and food residue.

Oz Tank Range
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National Sales & Support Network

The Oz Tank network extends to all Australian states and territories. When you purchase an Oz Tank you have the assurance of exceptional service, no matter where you’re located.

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An Oz-Tank soak tank is an investment that returns you real savings in time and money and an increase in productivity.  Enquire now and we will come to you and provide you with an assessment of your requirements.

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With the tank sized correctly for your needs we will deliver and install it ready for use.  Your helpful representative will train your staff how to use it to ensure you get the returns you expect from investing in an Oz-Tank.

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Our technician will maintain your tank regularly, ensuring it is running optimally. Any additional support is only a phone call or email away. Contact us so we can ensure you get the most out of your investment.