Soaking Tank Product Features


Commercial decarbonising oil and grease soaking tanks.

Oz-Tank are made from a specially designed stainless steel, double skinned soak tank with a thermostatically controlled heating element. Oz-tank cleans difficult greasy, grimy items like extraction filters, oven grids, grates, gas rings, deep fry baskets, saving  on staff labour and increasing the longevity of kitchen equipment.

non toxic commercial cleaning products

Non-Toxic and Non-Corrosive

Carbsolve is non-toxic, non corrosive, environmentally friendly, user friendly and biodegradable cleaning powder, specially formulated for use in an Oz-Tank system. Together Oz-Tank and Carbsolve will remove fat, grease, carbon and oil without causing any damage to the parent material.

environmentally friendly soaking tank

Environmentally Friendly

An Oz-Tank is available in four standard sizes for all applications. One application dissolved in the tank and heated to operating temperature will clean continuouslyand remove fat, grease, carbon and oil build-up for approximately 30 days.

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Safe & Easy To Use

Previous methods for cleaning equipment included acid baths, caustic soda and blasting or soaking for hours in boiling water and chipping away manually for days and then repeating the same operation. These “old fashioned” methods are costly, ineffective and dangerous.

cost effective commercial cleaning solutions

Cost Effective

With new health and safety regulations, the need for our product is becoming even greater. Health and fire officers are no longer prepared to allow the use of dirty filters. Replacement of these items is very expensive, and to have them cleaned by alternative methods is also costly and could lead to damage of the equipment.

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Save Time, Save Money

In any kitchen, cleaning these items is seen as a major task. Oz Tank soaking tanks reduces direct labour, water and electricity / gas costs, and far outweighs conventional cleaning methods.

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Water Saving

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The Ultimate Commercial Cleaning Solution

The Oz Tank soak tank makes light work of cleaning oil, grease and decarbonising commercial kitchen equipment.

commercial pot cleaning

Pots & Pans

Initial soak : overnight
Regular soak : 2 hours

commercial grill cleaner

Grill Bars

Soak time : overnight

commercial kitchen filter cleaning


Weekly soak : 20 minutes

clean stainless steel roasting tin

Aluminium Roasting Tins

Initial soak : overnight
Regular soak : 1 hour

clean stainless steel roasting tin

Stainless Steel Roasting Tins

Initial soak : 4 hours
Regular soak : 1 hour

clean deep fry baskets

Deep Fry Baskets

Weekly soak : 1 hour

commercial gas stove top cleaning

Cooktops & Gas Rings

Overnight soak

commercial cutting board cleaning

Heavy Duty Cutting Boards

Regular soak : 1 hour

commercial crockery cleaning


Badly stained crockery can be safely soaked but cleaning times vary.

clean commercial kitchen oven racks

Oven Racks

Initial soak : 3 hours
Regular soak : 1 hour

Oz Tank Soaking Tanks

Your partner in commercial cleaning soak tanks.

Oz Tank is an Australian owned and operated company. We commenced in 2000 and remain the national soak tank market leaders. We remain at the cutting edge of equipment cleaning in the catering and baking industries.

Our aim is to manufacture and supply products that make commercial kitchen cleaning both simple and safe. Oz Tank is the ultimate cleaning solution that will not only save you money, time and labour but is also fully HACCP accredited. Best of all it is safe and user friendly.

We are committed to the highest standard of customer service. With locations around Australia, our full trained and safety inducted team team can provide exceptional service and attention to our clients. To find out just how easy the Oz Tank system is download the operating instructions.

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