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Commercial Disinfectant

Commercial disinfectant suitable for workplace and home use. Kills 99.9% of common bacteria.

Oz Tank FloorSolve disinfectant cleaner kills 99.9% of germs while cutting through grease, fats and dirt. FloorSolve can be used on floors, walls and hard surfaces within kitchens, bakeries and butcheries.

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commercial mould remover

Commercial Mould Remover

OZ Tank Mouldsolve acts quickly to remove mould, soap scum & germs.

Mouldsolve can be used on Textiles, ceilings, fibre glass, old painted surfaces, unpainted metal or damaged painted surfaces.

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Commercial Oven Cleaner

Oz Tank OvenSolve is a user friendly oven cleaner which is tough on grease and carbon build up.

OvenSolve is ideal for ovens, stove tops, griddles, canopies, stainless steel bench tops and splash backs.

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Surface Revenge
Eco-friendly Commercial Cleaner

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Oz Tank Soaking Tanks

Oz Tank is an Australian owned and operated company. We commenced in 2000 and remain the national soak tank market leaders. We remain at the cutting edge of equipment cleaning in the catering and baking industries.

Our aim is to manufacture and supply products that make commercial kitchen cleaning both simple and safe. Oz Tank is the ultimate cleaning solution that will not only save you money, time and labour but is also fully HACCP accredited. Best of all it is safe and user friendly.

We are committed to the highest standard of customer service. With locations around Australia, our fully trained and safety inducted team can provide exceptional service and attention to our clients. To find out just how easy the Oz Tank system is,  download the operating instructions »