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Stainless steel soak tank suppliers Australia.

Oz Tank is an Australian owned and operated company. We commenced in 2000 and remain the national soak tank market leaders. We remain at the cutting edge of equipment cleaning in the catering and baking industries.
Our aim is to manufacture and supply products that make commercial kitchen cleaning both simple and safe.
Oz Tank is the ultimate cleaning solution that will not only save you money, time and labour but is also fully HACCP accredited. Best of all it is safe and user friendly.

We are committed to the highest standard of customer service. With locations around Australia, our full trained and safety inducted team team can provide exceptional service and attention to our clients.

To find out just how easy the Oz Tank system is to use click here to view the operating instructions.


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I would like to take this opportunity to share mine and my team’s great satisfaction and appreciation for the benefits we receive from using the Oz Tank and the service team. As things continue to evolve in the modern day kitchen with using paco jets, circulators, thermo mix’s, liquid nitrogen, etc., etc., we get great benefit from being able to stream line the way we prepare our food, hence allowing the chefs more time to research ideas, achieve more work in a similar time frame and so on. The Oz Tank is utilised in our kitchen in much the same manner, the kitchen hands in our team are seen as the foundation for all that we do, with out a clean and organized kitchen the chefs can not perform at there best, or feel good about the environment they are working in, the Oz-Tank allows them to gain more time to achieve there work in keeping a clean kitchen as they are not tied to the sinks scrubbing away like the dark ages. We would not have achieved our 5 star rating in the Eat Safe Brisbane kitchen auditing scheme, and with mandatory displaying of establishments rating only around the corner I would recommend all kitchens to take stock of what is being spent on your kitchen management and ensure you have the most important piece of equipment in any professional kitchen.

– Shannon Kellam, The Brisbane Club (More »)