OzTank Soak Tank Operating Instructions

Below are step by step instructions for cleaning your Oz Tank soak tank. If you have any questions, contact us direct on 1300 66 88 66. For your convenience, download PDF instructions.

commercial soak tank

Personal Protective Equipment

REMOVING THE BASKET – Wear heat resistant gloves when removing the basket (temperature is over 80 degrees Celsius).

SENSITIVE SKIN – Rubber washing up gloves or similar should be used when sensitivity to detergent solution occurs. The cleaning solution is not toxic or corrosive and will not harm skin or clothes. In cases of skin sensitivity rubber gloves should be worn. The operating temperature of the Oz Tank is 80 degrees Celsius inside the tank only. DO NOT put bare hands in the water as it is hot.

Operating Instructions

Loading the Oz Tank
  1. To remove the basket use heat resistant gloves.
  2. Lift the basket to a comfortable working height and lock in position.
  3. Load the basket. Always stand trays, tins, wires, etc on their side.
  4. For very dirty items soak for 12 hours, rinse thoroughly with cold water and re-soak. Repeat as necessary.
Unloading the Oz Tank
  1. Open the lid.
  2. To remove basket use heat resistant gloves.
  3. Lift the basket to a comfortable working height and lock in position.
  4. Remove clean items and rinse thoroughly with cold water. Gloves should be worn (as for normal washing operations).
  5. Reload Oz Tank if additional items need to be washed or soaked.
  6. Lower the basket.
  7. Close the lid and remove gloves.


  1. Ensure the tank is turned on (indicator light on the side of the Oz Tank will glow) and the cleaning solution is hot (steam visible when the lid is opened).
  2. Check water level and top up with clear water as required. The water level should be level with the indicator mark inside the tank. NEVER drain the solution from Oz Tank.
  3. Check for leaks or damage on the Oz Tank.
  4. Call Oz Tank representative if repairs are required.
  1. Wipe the Oz Tank (outside area only) with a damp cloth.
  2. Skim any excess fats / oils on the surface of the water and dispose of in the waste bin.
  1. Owner or Oz Tank representative will perform the monthly chemical change and service.

Emergency Procedure

  1. Turn off the Oz Tank at the switch on the side of the unit.
  2. Unplug the Oz Tank from the wall socket.
  3. Call your Oz Tank representative.
  4. Consult the MSDS if required (see your store manager).


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Our aim is to manufacture and supply products that make commercial kitchen cleaning both simple and safe. Oz Tank is the ultimate cleaning solution that will not only save you money, time and labour but is also fully HACCP accredited. Best of all it is safe and user friendly.

We are committed to the highest standard of customer service. With locations around Australia, our full trained and safety inducted team team can provide exceptional service and attention to our clients. To find out just how easy the Oz Tank system is download the operating instructions.

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