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Commercial pot cleaning solutions. Our soak tanks efficiently remove grease, oil and built up carbon on pots, pans, grills, vents and so much more. The Oz Tank is the perfect commercial cleaning solution for the hospitality industry.
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Oz Tank’s stainless steel, double skinned soak tank system will save on the cost of labour, costly chemicals, water and electricity. The continued use of cooking equipment without regular and thorough cleansing causes fat build up which soon turns into a carbon like crust becoming so hard that it is almost impossible to remove. The Oz Tank soak system solves this problem quickly, efficiently and without harming the environment.

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Mini Soak Tank

mini soak tanks australia

Our smallest soak tank. Perfect for cafes and kitchen with space limitations but still does a huge job on all oil, grease and carbon buildup

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Small Soak Tank

small soak tank australia

Specially designed for small restaurants and for all bakeries. The soak tank length is designed to accommodate all baking trays.

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Medium Soak Tank

medium soak tanks australia

Suitable for RSL Clubs, hotels and pubs with a high weekly turnover of customers and need all their equipment soaked, clean and ready to go again.

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Large Soak Tank

large soak tanks australia

The BOSS. Used extensively in large food manufacturing plants, large bakeries and food outlets servicing 4,000 people per week.

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Our Range of Commercial Cleaning Products

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FloorSolve Commercial Disinfectant

Commercial disinfectant suitable for workplace and home use. Kills 99.9% of common bacteria.

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deep fryer cleaner degreaser

Fyersolve Deep Fryer Degreaser

Removes carbon build up from deep fryers in a soak application.

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OvenSolve Commercial Oven Cleaner

Oz Tank OvenSolve is a user friendly oven cleaner which is tough on grease and carbon build up.

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